Friday, December 31, 2010

Poem #27-2010

2010 was.
As 2009, 2008
and so on
Blurry as usual

Some hopes were crushed
aspirations fulfilled
pettinesses punished
kindnesses returned

Love remained a varying constant
Aggravations - self-induced - appeared and
then were forgotten

Someone asked,
"What was your year's most memorable moment?"
Since one does not jump out,
does that mean I didn't have one
or that it was an endless stream of bliss?

I had some pretty damn good orgasms
and that's not insignificant
But, you can't talk about that in polite company

Getting tenure was an upside moment
Spending time with my son and meeting his girlfriend
Seeing Crystal's face when I bought her flowers
Playing at a big festival
Swimming nude on deserted Green Island
The new addition to the house, and the deck
Charlie's book winning first prize
My new banjo arriving
My song catching a record exec's attention
Surgery going well

It's trite but at this point
not seeing myself in the obits
is a pretty memorable
and daily moment

We'll just say it was a good year
Tempered by the knowledge that -
for many -
it was another drawn-out nightmare

Perspective alternatingly
thrills or saddens

A lot of ups
a lot of downs
a lot of "what-have-yous"


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Poem #26-2010

In private,
as an experiment,
I have called my cat
the foulest of

To my knowledge,
it leaves absolutely
no impression on his brain,
no memories created,
no biases toward me whatsoever.

He does not meet me
conditioned by language,
but rather by how I
treat him.

He does not judge me by
the words I use,
the beliefs I espouse,
but rather by how I
love him.

He has no images of me
to relate to,
but relates to me
anew in each moment:
an enlightenment lesson for humanity.

I don't know about tigers.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010