Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Poem #7-2012 The Lowry Day

Mother always called
a day like this
a “lowry” day
the sun hidden
only a threat of rain
not cold – chilly
she said it’s what
Dad called days like this
(something about his Irish heritage)

something else, though –
beneath the weather –
makes it lowry

an attitude, a state of things in general
an unnameable sadness for what could be
a miasma
a desire to wrap oneself in
a cozy blanket and
sit fireside 
pondering not much of anything

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Poem #6-2012 Writing the Sky

I want to tell you about the sky
About what it does to me
Especially when it’s clear
like today

I want to tell you about the sky
About what it does to me
Because I wonder
Does it affect you this way, too?

Does it strip out your guts
and stomp them into ragged puddles
of submission?

Does it reflect your crazed soul
back at you and leave
your skin night sweaty and electric tingling?

Does it tell you things no one knows,
things that would scare a dead man into
singing a dirge for Satan?

Does it color your perception about
and sweep your gloom off its feet?

Does it promise you endless love yet never delivers—
like a jilting lover?

Does it empty your silver-lined pockets
with greedy bone-licking fingers dressed in
full wedding pomp? 

I wanted to tell you about the sky
because that’s what it does to me
but it only does what I let it

It only does me for me

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