Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Poem #20-2012 Empty dreams

Help me lose my way
Layer me with marble
I'm on my last shakes
and the police don't care
Can you tell?
My dreams are empty
     as a miscarried womb
--misery bloodworm canker cancer rotten meat --
Feel it in your deep down!
Tangled up in blood
Shit-filled fantasies
Wheelbound and
Dark headspace
     spins me out of orbit
Black thighs
  squeezing my brain
     instead of my soul
Scorched in sin
swollen to bursting
Eat with me
Sleep with me
Be with me

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Poem #19-2012 Falling Thoughts

She fell hard
hard like steel
hard like real
and she never made excuses
or completely lost her way
and she never got the blues
Hell, she was the blues:
liquid thighed
vibrato-laden . . .
God! What a woman,
Saturday afternoon
delight, tight
right up to dangerous --
fall off a cliff
headlong travesty
juicy wet lips beckoning --
(He fell, too,
hard as a rock
deepening vee
"You can't get pregnant
on top, baby")
How fast can you go
when the end is assured?
Pubic sore
Neither one ready to 
say "no more"
There was nothing more
than this falling fucking feeling
Like a rock
Like a cock
"There's got to be more,"
she thought
And he licked her
where thought became

Contributed to dVersePoets.com
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