Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Poem #1-2015 The Only Poem

So much depends -- sorry, WCW -- on the upshot
the downdraft
the uptake
the downtrodden
the uprising
the downcast
the upstarts
the downplays
the uplands
the downwinds

And so much depends - sorry again, Walt -- on
both of them, not one or the other

No life without death, light without dark...
blah blah blah we get it, Mr. Watts,
but only in our heads and that's the wrong place for it

It needs to be written on our hearts
but now I sound Biblical
and this was supposed to be spontaneous

Crapshine toodle-oo pisspot Mother Macree alien
invasive species rag-a-muffin carol Dickens
peacepipe terrorist free-for-all Seminole
aging ratter-tatter resistance underground

Words are easy
It's the living of  'em that's hard

And you don't need to be a red wheelbarrow to figure that one out