Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Poem #2-2012 Parts

In suffering silence
wounded warriors
exist without:

But whither the
less obvious parts?

Missing limbs
are still felt
(they say)

But when innocence
and the like are lopped away –
Is there a residue?

Psychic scars must surely
outlive the corporeal

Ask a ghost

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Poem #1-2012 You Are Not Your Body

Unless you are some
Hollywood aberration
you did not make your nose
you didn’t have anything to do
with your hair’s perfection
the shape of your ass
the size or your tits
(or the size of your cock, for that matter)
and unless you’re some mad scientist,
you didn’t instruct your genes
toward society’s ideal

So why do you feel so
RESPONSIBLE for it all?

As if all of that is you?

I’d rather know if you’d
take in a stray kitten
or tell a cashier they undercharged you
or put a quarter in a stranger’s expired parking meter
or leave a waitperson a big tip “just because”
or cry at sad movies
or remember your first kiss

or if you have a quirky habit only you know about
or got the point of this poem . . .


This poem contributed to dVersePoets Open Link Night.
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