Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Poem #10-2012 The On Road*

My wife and I
had something miserably dead
coming before planning
naively intellectual letters
shrouded out of New York

The beautiful cafeteria
reminded me of leftover things
so I went flat
jumping to sex
like a young Gene Autry
blonde ringlets
hanging like a serious
gloomy fluctuating crystallization

*This is a "cut-up poem" (a la William S. Burroughs) using words (in the order they appear) from the first four paragraphs of Jack Kerouac's On The Road.

Contributed to dVersePoets.com
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  1. new york is def a city that carries a bit of love for me...and not cafeteria food but full of flavor..smiles...interesting approach to the poem... and great book to pick from...

  2. Would he dare pick from any other ;) I think this is quite outstanding!

  3. Very interesting approach - it works super well in places. I am not sure fully finished, but very interesting start for sure. k.